Shorter links are more memorable


Beyond the functional benefits of a shortened URL, they’re just snappier and easier to remember.

If a wedding publication is trying to collect submissions on a Google Form, for example, directing followers to is a bit of a mouthful. A custom shortlink like, on the other hand, is easy to understand and recall.

Try out a shortlink on business cards, print ads, or physical signage. If people can actually type into their browser with just a few keystrokes, you’re more likely to earn some traffic.

How do URL shorteners work?

URL shorteners work by creating a redirect to your long URL.

Entering a URL into your internet browser sends an HTTP request to the web server to pull up a specific website. The long and the short URLs are both simply different starting points for an internet browser to get the same destination.

There are a few different types of redirect HTTP response codes, but look for ones that use a 301 permanent redirect: the other varieties may hurt your SEO ranking.